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Tree roots growing into a clay tile sewer drain pipe

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When we dug this up, the roots on the outside of the pipe were not even visible!  I cut off the top of the clay pipe and this is what we found!

Roots in a Sewer Drain Pipe

Root Clog in a Clay sewer drain pipe

Trenchless Sewer replacement in Ft Collins with Pipe Bursting

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This 100+ year old house had about a 140 foot clay tile sewer with root intrusion, offset fittings, and a break before the tap.

The drain left the house in their backyard, continued into a neighbors yard and under the neighbors garage to get to the alley.

They now have a seamless new 4″ sewer pipe from the house all the way to the alley with minimal excavation required!

More Photos to follow soon!


Video 1 – CLICK HERE – Pipe Bursting into the cast iron

Video 2 – Click Here – Pipe Bursting into clay tile pipe

Video 3 – Click Here – Pipe Bursting through kitchen line tie in

Video 4 – Click Here – Pipe Bursting – Hydraulic Ram pulling on cable




Liner Installation in Ft Collins

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A New home is going in on this property, but it “had” an old clay tile sewer pipe.  Here is some pictures, and video of the before and after.

Click on the links to view the videos.

Pipe Inspection – Before

Camera Inspection – After